Monday, October 27, 2008

9ice USA Tour 2008

Finally my boy 9ice is going to Texas. You all know Duduradio represents Houston Texas to the fullest. 9ICE WILL BE IN HOUSTON OCT.31ST, and DUDURADIO will be in the house. Look out for a video interview and pictures from the show.

Naija Stock Market Don Crash

Why does Nigerian stock value keep going down? PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THE MADNESS. I bet there is some fat ass MD of one these companies spending our money right now. Too Bad Nigerian Government does not have a Stimulus package for us. Below are examples of some stocks that were doing very well at the beginning of the year, now they are worthless

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stolen Naija Wealth

That is the GRA OBJ just moved in. One individual in a 45-bedroom mansion..... ...
For a man who claimed to be fighting corruption, so much is left to be guessed by this massive edifice. Hopefully this will be fenced with a 20ft wall and converted to a prison. OBJ is the worst leader to ever step out of Nigeria....if NOT AFRICA.
IBB is looking more and more like a saint....

In the midst of poverty, in the midst of hunger....where a 5yr old boy will wake up in the morning to go sell "Bread, Pap (Ogi), Moi-moi....etc' Just so the mother can have some money to give him to school. This is what a man who claimed to love Nigeria so much has done with our trust. This is a total and flagrant insult to our collective intelligence. How many rooms can OBJ sleep in at any given time? A 45 room mansion at age 70+, may the good Lord deliver us from our so called leaders. This man need to account for where he got the money to erect this mansion plus all the other assets he acquired in the last eight years given his financial situation prior to being imposed on Nigeria as our leader. However, to be fair He worked hard all of his life fighting for the unity of Nigeria during the civil war. He also went to prison speaking out against injustice of the time. He came out of prison and we begged him to become President again.

I guess the main question is why a former President of Nigeria needs to broadcast in bold letters the fact that he owns an estate?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Nigeria lost to Argentina... Obasi Was Injured

Chinedu Obasi's absence from the Olympic Games football final was due to a prior injury he sustained and not for any other reason.

Nigerians found it difficult to believe Obasi was not listed by Samson Siasia in the final game against Argentina on Saturday despite the work he did in Nigeria's wins over the Ivory Coast and Belgium.

However, can authoritatively reveal that Obasi was out with a stress fracture on his right leg.

He did not train for two days and since in the last two days, training sessions were closed to the media, the news hardly got out.

Obasi had been in devastating form for Nigeria at the games, crowning his performance with a brace in the semi final against Belgium.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nigeria & USA out of relay, they dropped the baton

This really sucks, Track and field was the only event that we have a good chance in getting a Medal. I bet we are coming home emty handed. Well we still have soccer, hopefully we can win the final on Sat. The USA Tyson Gaye is not having a good year also.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nigerian stocks?

If the head honcho of the exchange, okereke, can raise N100m in the
name of "Africa for Obama", now we find out the money does not even go
to Obama. Where is the money going? U hear me sooooo? WHERE MONEY DEY GO?
If it were to be in a "developing country", where there is rule, law, and order, it will be someone's responsibility to find out where that money is going. IN a non-developing country like Nigeria, story finish there. If you carry your hard-earned cash and invest in Nigerian stocks, true you will make some quick little money but remember the long run.

There's no police, no law, nobody to catch anybody. When the CEO of your super-whoopa company sell all the stocks and jah with everyone's money - Don't blame me, I told you so. Stock exchange can only be built on a trust foundation. without personal accountability, you can watch you money balloon, yes balloon away in helium.

YarʼAduaʼs mum robbed

From JACOB EDI, Abuja
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Burglars from hell took caution to the wind before dawn on Monday as they broke into the family house of President YarʼAdua in Katsina and robbed his ageing mother, Hajiya Dada YarʼAdua in her bedroom.

Daily Sun learnt that the robbers beat the security around the house to have access to the room where the about 80-year-old mother of the president was sleeping through the air conditioner opening.

The presidentʼs mum reportedly did not wake up during the operation, as she was believed to have been hypnotized.

A source in Katsina told Daily Sun that Hajiya YarʼAdua only woke up to find that her room was in disorder and some of her jewelries had been removed.

The source, however, said the thieves were unable to unscramble the safe in the room to have access to its contents.

It was gathered that as early as 5 a.m. during the Muslim early morning Subhi prayers, the presidentʼs younger brother, Alhaji Jafaru had reportedly been informed by his mother about the incident. He in turn went to one of the presidentʼs sisters, Hajiya Hadi, to alert her to the development.

It could not be ascertained at press time whether the president had been informed, but it was gathered that the modest family house in Katsina, where the robbery took place was agog with family members and neighbours who were on hand to show their sympathies.

Mondayʼs incident has further raised questions about insecurity in the country where robbers walk easily into the bedroom of the mother of the president, even as there had been reported cases of politically- motivated killings in the state.

It was gathered that just last week, chairman of a local government in the state was killed and his body dumped on the street, just as Muktari Kakumi, assistant director, media, Katsina Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (KTARDA) was reportedly murdered in cold blood recently.